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About Us

Celsius Innovations Ltd t/a my celsius is a femtech start-up who seeks to bring an innovative, efficient and affordable solution for menopausal hot flushes.

Our mission is to provide a non-invasive option for alleviating hot flushes, that can be used as an alternative or alongside other solutions, without any risks.​

celsius cofounders at wired event
Celsius and BUPA podcast

My Celsius strives to be a positive voice that helps to normalise the conversation around menopause, and remove lasting stigmas related to it, so that women can get access to the support they need seamlessly and without prejudice.​

Core Team

Aonghus O’Donovan​

Co-Founder / CTO

Loves kite-surfing

Maxime Kryvian

Co-Founder / CEO

Kind of obsessed with Tigers.

Valerie Charlton

Design Director / Advisor

Jade Nodinot

Creative Director 

Loves creating something as unforgettable as your first pain au chocolat."


Tim Godfrey

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Completed Bop It

Bernard Redortier

PhD. Thermal Comfort Expert

World leading Thermal Comfort Scientist and expert in thermal user-trials.

Mridula Pole

Strategic Advisor

Peppy Health co-founder / CEO

Our Story

Max suffered from anxiety triggered hot flushes since a teen, affecting his professional and personal lives. Fed-up with the non-addressed challenge of thermal distress, he set out to develop a personal wearable cooling technology. As fate may have it, Max met Aonghus, a passionate inventor and ex-Dyson engineer, with specialties in designing cooling technologies in thermal comfort. Together, they created My Celsius.

Two years ago, at the start of this journey,  we were lucky to work with healthcare group BUPA and meet with many women going through menopause. We discovered and learnt the extent of the challenges menopausal symptoms can cause for women. We were both shocked by our ignorance on the subject, considering the impact it has on women’s health and wellbeing. ​

We decided to focus all our passion, energy and skill-sets in developing an innovative cooling technology that is designed to help women regain control over their thermal comfort during menopause. Additionally, we seek to raise awareness and education, to help foster more supportive behaviors, across all ages and genders to help women going through this important transitional phase.

Celsius co-founders
women standing and laughing

Putting our community at the heart of everything we do

My celsius is committed to develop an innovative technology and product that is designed with the unique needs of women going through menopause as its top priority.

Our first product is being, developed, tested and designed, working with an inter-generational community of women going through menopause.​

The team seeks to develop and surround itself with women leaders in their fields. As a company, we strive to foster female leadership inside our organisation as we progress and grow.

Sustainability: A Core Value

We are passionate about sustainability, this is why environmentally-respective engineering has been a key requirement from day-1 of our product development. ​


Reducing the environmental cost of our product by:

Value-engineering to minimise the amount of materials used, number of components, and useless functionalities.​

Industrial Design to streamline the manufacturing process length and energy usage.​

Recyclable and re-usable cardboard packaging.​

Longevity and repairability.​


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