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Supporting Menopausal Women

How to manage this transition and its symptoms

Transgender Health and Menopause

Menopause and Trans Men

Transgender men who have a female reproductive system and have not undergone medical interventions like hormone therapy or surgery will go through and experience menopause. This includes typical menopausal symptoms and changes due to natural hormone fluctuations.


Transgender couple laughing
Transgender couple laughing


Hormone Therapy
and Menopause

Most transgender people who start gender affirming hormone therapy before reaching pre-menopause will not experience hormone depletion and menopause symptoms. This is because gender-affirming hormones are generally administered continuously throughout one's life.​

Trans Women and Estrogen Therapy

For transgender women, there is no need to stop estrogen therapy at any specific age to ‘trigger’ menopause. Although it was once thought that long-term estrogen treatment might pose health risks, current understanding suggests that while dosages might be adjusted, discontinuing estrogen is not necessary.​


Transgender couple laughing


Getting Informed and Seeking Support

It’s important for anyone experiencing or concerned about menopause to educate themselves on the symptoms and to seek professional guidance. Healthcare professionals can offer advice and direct individuals to further resources. For those who may feel uncomfortable discussing these issues with their general practitioner (GP), organizations like Stonewall provide lists of supportive NHS organizations and offer advice on accessing appropriate services.​ As research continues to evolve, more information about how menopause affects transgender individuals specifically is expected to become available, improving understanding and support options. For anyone navigating these issues, it's crucial to stay informed through reliable sources and maintain open communication with healthcare providers to manage health effectively during all stages of life.​

Transgender couple laughing

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Supporting Menopausal Women

How to manage this transition and its symptoms​

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